About Us


Seeds of Grace started as a silly idea between two teachers. Carey Morford was working as a classroom assistant in Teri Sapp’s ESE classroom in 2010. On a teacher planning day, while Carey was attempting to clean out Teri’s closet, she said, “What are you going to do with all of these books?”


Teri replied, “You know I’ve always wanted to drive around in an ice cream truck, except instead of giving away ice cream; I’d give away books.”


Carey laughed, but a few weeks later as they drove through a low-income neighborhood after visiting a student’s home, she found herself saying to Teri, “We should do it.” 


Teri and Carey began collecting books from their fellow teachers, and by the summer of 2011 they were ready to launch their first “Book Bus.” They went every other week that summer and then every month the following school year, and they still follow that same routine today.


As they began to dream of other projects, the time came to start a non-profit in 2012. Seeds of Grace, Inc. was born.


Read more about our current projects here.


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